About Us

WhereToCure is a globally integrated health care tourism company established to assist the patients from all around the world for finding the best possible solution to their health care needs. We connect the potential international patients with health care service providers – mainly in Turkey, which meet high quality standards, and deliver all healthcare and related travel services.

Our vision is to be a trusted health care tourism company and be a leading company not only in the region but in the globe.

Our mission is providing quality healthcare travel services for the international health care seekers.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to improving and extending our service network in order to provide our patients with the easy access to best possible treatment for their health care needs.

Our multilingual team members have years of experience and expertise in patients communication, international relations and customer service. We are committed to provide all our patients with special personal attention to ensure that they feel full satisfaction for all the health care and travel services.

Why WhereToCure?

At WhereToCure, we believe that quality and affordable health care without long waiting list should be available to everyone. We offer our patients wide range of health tourism services designed to fit their needs and expectations. Through our website you can connect our contracted healthcare providers, consult with doctors, get information about your travel, and receive the best possible healthcare services.

As WhereToCure team, our priorities are to:

  • act like a family member and listen to the patient’s need carefully,
  • deliver the expertise that we gained and built over the years to the patient fully,
  • form a quality-oriented service network with hospitals and clinics, highly qualified physicians, and leading tourism agents that fulfill international quality criteria. Our partner hospitals, clinic and thermal centers are accredited by international non-profit organizations such as JCI, EFQM.
  • offer an organizational service package that includes flight booking, hotel reservation, site-seeing and help with visa applications. For more information, please press here.
  • follow-up with the patients for their possible needs after the treatment procedure finish.