Concierge Services

Typically, concierge companies will charge an hourly rate and bills can increase drastically. But we offer FREE consultation for the information on concierge services.
Our support team will assist you with:
  • Arranging reception at the airport
  • Arranging transfer to the hotel, hospital, thermal clinic etc
  • Arranging translation services if requested
  • Arranging special tour guides if requested
We handle all your transportation needs during your entire stay.
Together with our solution partners we promise you a trouble free travel with special deals and packages according to you needs and demands.
We provide a wide range of accommodation and transportation services.
We offer economy to exclusive travel services and packages in fascinating Istanbul and the rest of Turkey.
You do not need to think any detail regarding your trip as we will be working on such details for you.
Together with our solution partner travel agents, we can organize all your visa and travel arrangements including coordinating your flights.
For your medical travel needs, we may assist you to obtain your visa via our “patient invitation letter” and get a “medical tourist discount” from Turkish Airlines.
E-Maıl Request
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