ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat)

Ear, nose and throat issues are the most common health problems in all families. There are people with respiratory disorders, sinus, tonsillectomy and hearing problems among our family members and friends.

Sleep apnea and snoring problems are also very common among both males and females.

We have a large network of hospitals and clinics providing ENT services with high success rates.

We are here to provide FREE online support for all your questions prior to your medical travel for ear nose and throat problems.

You will have answers for all your questions prior to your travel. We share your medical information and medical reports with the relevant hospitals and doctors to provide you with an estimated cost and a primary treatment plan.

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CT / CAT scanning (computerized tomography) :
Computerized scanning gives detailed anatomical information about organs and tissues of human body.

MRI Scanning :
– Magnetic resonance imaging is a radiology radio waves, magnetism and a computer to provide clear body structure
image that can detect even the smallest change in the body.

X-rays :
– They are electromagnetic radiation waves creating images inside the human body in different shades of black and white.

Endoscopy :
– It is a tiny tube equipped with a camera and light. It captures a specific area of the body, and sends these images directly to the screen.

Polysomnography (sleep study):
– It is the observation at hospital or special medical centers for finding some physiological indicators during sleep.
It monitors the following indicators: brain waves, muscle movements, breathing through the mouth and nostrils, snoring, rate and tachycardia, legs movements, chest movements and the diaphragm, the oxygen rate in the blood, and the rate of the second expulsion carbon dioxide from the body.

Sleep apnea
– Sleep apnea syndrome is one of the respiratory disorders. It causes total apnea or failure to take the sufficient amount of necessary
oxygen to do the cellular functions of the organs for more than 10 seconds. It usually affects adults and the elderly, especially after infection and any other
health problems. It also affects youngsters in rare cases due to birth defects or inherited genetic problems.
Common symptom of sleep apnea is frequently waking up due to a decrease in oxygen level reaching the brain during sleeping period. It usually affects
males more than females at the ages below 50.

– It is the sound through the nose and mouth during sleeping as a result of a partial blockage in the nose and throat area.

Pediatric ENT
– It is a medical specialty that deals with infant, children, and young adults’ ear, nose and throat diseases and disorders.

– It is the diagnoses and treatment of nose diseases and disorders including the surgical and medical treatments of sinuses, and allergy treatments.

Head and neck cancer
– They are a group of tumors which have biological similarities. These tumors commonly originate from the mucosal lining in the neck and head area, but also affects the salivary glands in rare cases. They
are classified as head and neck tumors depending on the regions of the tumor origination:

– Oral cavity
– Nasopharynx
– Oropharynx
– Larynx
– Trachea
– Hypopharynx

Cochlear Implant
– It is an electronic medical device surgically implemented which provides hearing aid for the patients with serious hearing difficulties.

Dizziness and balance disorder
– It is the disorder in the vestibular apparatus parts of inner ear and brain. It affects the balance and movement of the eyes. It could be a result of a disease, aging or a specific injury.

Swallowing disorders
– It is the feeling of delay or disorder in crossing the food that is swallowed, from the mouth to the stomach. It feels like the food is stucked or stopped. Dysphagia divided into two types according to the
infected area: orpoharyngeal disorder and esophageal disorder.

Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery
– It is the cosmetic and/or medical reconstructive surgeries to improve the facial visual appearance, such as:

– Nose reshaping surgery
– Nose reconstructive surgery
– Ear reconstructive surgery
– Lips reconstructive surgery
– Facial reconstructive surgery
– Facial implants
– Otoplasty
– Face lifting surgery
– Neck lifting surgery

– It is a medical surgery procedure aims to reconstruct the eardrum and/or middle ear small bones.

– It is a very precise surgery procedure with the help of microscopes. This method gives the possibility to reach and treat the inaccessible areas in the inner ear, spinal cord and brain, etc.

Lumenis CO2 laser
– It is a state-of-art medical technology for the treatment of wrinkles and scars of the skin. It is also used for the disorder of vocal cords, mouth, throat and nose cancers.

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