Q = How do I schedule an appointment with a hospital or a thermal hotel?

A = You can contact our support team via e-mail or online support line. You can also fill out the forms on our website.

We are here to answer all your questions. Please feel free to ask all your questions to our international team via info@wheretocure.com.

We are here to assist you through your health travel.

You may contact us 24/ 7. The best time to contact us is during working hours from 08:00 – 18:00, from Monday to Friday.

Q = What are the main questions to answer to have an appointment with your member hospitals or thermal hotels and clinics?

A = Our support team needs the following information from you:

–          Name (as shown on your passport)

–          Date of birth

–          Country of Residence

–          Medical records (if available) or diagnosis and/or symptoms

–          Insurance information, if applicable

Q = What does wheretocure charge for the services?

A = We do not charge for our services. Based on your needs and requests, we provide you a FREE consultation and cost estimate with details of medical facilities and physicians.

We don’t mark up the medical or travel related expenses. Our service costs you nothing. Sometimes, you save due to the special airfare or hotel rates that we can arrange.

Q = If I deal directly with the hospital will my medical expenses cost less?

A = No. The hospital/clinic charges the same. The benefit you have when you go through us is that we help you with a lot of information that we have already researched. Plus, unlike going directly to an overseas hospital where you do your own trip planning, we provide a complete package support (pre trip planning & destination support) for FREE.

Q = Price might be good in Turkey, but what about standards of surgeons and hygiene standards?

A = We work with internationally recognized hospitals and clinics with certain international quality standard certifications.

We do our best to ensure you receive the requested health and travel services.

Q = How will I find my way to the hotel and clinic?

A = We will assist you all steps of the way: airport meet and greet, transfers for airport, hotel, clinics.

Q = What are the time savings?

A = The time saving can be cut from 9 months to 1 day.

Q = What are the cost savings?

A = The cost savings can be from 30% up to 90% depending on the location and procedure.

Q = Why does it cost so little?

A = The difference in cost is caused by labour and insurance costs, and not by a lack of quality. A good portion of health care costs in the U.S. and UK are tied up with administrative (labour cost) and insurance costs.

Q = Is medical tourism safe?

A = This is the first, and probably the most important question that comes to mind when talking about medical tourism.

Any medical surgery or procedure, no matter where it’s carried out, entails some risk. In order to reduce this risk, we work hard to research & provide our patients with information on various options for high quality medical facilities.

The following are some of the important things that we consider when we add any health care provider to our network (one or more of the below):

ISO 9000 certified or accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI), USA. (JCI is the international arm of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, which evaluates quality standards of US hospitals). If they are not yet accredited by either of these , they should at least be working towards these certifications or  accreditations. This assures that they follow the best practices and quality standards in the industry.

Track record of quality service, no waiting time, personal attention from doctors. Feedback that we get from previous patients enable us to obtain this information.

Medical staff with experience working in medical institutions in US, Europe or other advanced countries is preferred.

Staff who speak English or have an English speaking interpreter available for international patients.

Excellent infrastructure (clean A/C rooms, TV, Internet connectivity)

Comfortable accommodation and facilities for any one accompanying the patient.

Licensed to practice in their home country.

Q = What are the risks?

A =There is an inherent risk in every medical procedure. Our focus is to minimize the risks involved by working only with accredited hospitals, and certified medical professionals who deliver high quality of care.

Q = What if something goes wrong?

A = Our member hospitals and clinics have invested millions of dollars and would not like to have the adverse effect of any negative publicity affecting their business. They take great care to make sure that the patient is satisfied and the results are successful. At the same time any surgery or medical procedure entails risk and successful results cannot be guaranteed by anyone.

 Q = What about quality?

A = Many of the doctors from these institutions have been educated and have worked in the USA or a developed European country. Our members are internationally recognized hospitals and clinics with international accreditations and certifications.

Q = Do I need to tell my doctor?

A = You are not required to tell your doctor at home. However, we recommend that you discuss your thoughts about having a medical procedure abroad with your general practitioner. We can facilitate correspondence between your doctor and the relevant physician at one of our partner facilities, if you wish.

Q = What should I tell my doctor?

A = When you first tell your doctor about planning a medical trip abroad, the initial reaction of your doctor may be immediate approval, but, in some cases, it may be scepticism. What you can do is, provide your doctor with more details on the credentials of the medical facility that you are considering, the physician’s background & other travel associated information (we can help you with this). This should address your doctors concern, if any. Twenty five percent of the physicians in the USA are from overseas, so US physicians are quite aware of the global medical care quality.   In rare cases if your doctor is against medical tourism, encourage him to do a research on the medical care facility & physicians we deal with. He/She will be surprised to know that these are better equipped than many local facilities.

Q = Do the doctors & medical staff speak English?

A = Yes, in most cases the doctors know English and other languages. If not, someone in their staff is competent in English and other languages and helps bridge any communication gap.

Q = If I’m taking a companion, when can he or she travel?

A = The companion can travel with you. He/she would need a valid passport & may need a visa as well (this depends on destination country and country of origin/citizenship). We can, again, help in this regards.

Q = Where do I stay?

A = This is, again, where we come to your assistance. As an individual, not only finding the right medical center, but also the right accommodation that meets your and your companion’s comfort could be disquieting. Before you leave for your travel, we work with you to make sure you are booked in an accommodation of your choice, liking and budget.

Q = Does wheretocure support staff give healthcare advice?

A = We don’t give any medical advice. Your primary care physician or the physician you choose from our member hospitals can do it.

Q = What happens if I need follow-up?

A = Follow-up, if needed, can be done by a doctor in your home country. We suggest that any follow-up, if needed, be arranged prior to your trip abroad.

We will liaise between you, your insurance company and the hospital/clinic to work out the best solution.  This may involve local follow or a return to Turkey.

Q = Does Medical Tourism Corporation not hurt the US or UK medical system?

A = On the contrary, Medical Tourism Corporation helps people who cannot afford a medical procedure due to their finances or due to a long wait list. These people have to silently suffer & are liable to be less productive.

Q = Isn’t it expensive to travel overseas for treatment?

A = Compared to the savings in the medical costs, travel cost is usually negligible.

Q = What’s included in the cost of care?

A = Each quote details what is included. Please feel free to clarify, if you have any question on the quote, once received.

Q = Can I have more than one medical procedure at the same time?

A = Yes, it may be possible. However, this will depend on the doctor’s assessment of your case. This may be more cost beneficial.

Q = Who will be dealing with details of my case during my trip?

A = Each patient is assigned to a case manager who will take care of all details relating to their visit and successful return and recovery.