Dental Care

Your smile is a significant sign of your oral and dental health. The way you look certainly effects the way you feel. The way you feel reflects your life in general. Some people need teeth whitening only while some other are less fortunate and need special attention or care for more complex procedures such as dental implants.

We work with professional dental clinics and dentists who would handle your case with utmost care in internationally recognized facilities with extra services to have your dental care provided perfectly.

We are here to provide FREE online support for all your questions prior to your medical travel for your dental care problems. Your dentist letters and x-rays, to give the dental team an idea of the patient’s dental history.

You will have answers for all your questions prior to your travel. We share your medical information and medical reports and refer them to the dental clinic and dentist best suited to your needs to provide you with an estimated cost and a primary treatment plan.

We will provide all necessary concierge services for you, together with our professional solution partners. We make sure that all your transportation (from/to airport, hotel, hospital), accommodation needs are met.

Dental X-rays: They are the images of teeth, bone, and soft tissue around them to help finding solutions to the problems of the teeth, mouth and jaw.

Panoramic dental X-rays: It is similar to dental X-ray but it also includes teeth jaws imaging in a single image, in addition to the TMJ and sinuses and the bottom of the eye bone which is very necessary in some cases.

Dental cone beam computed tomography: It is medical imaging device that use reshaped as a cone X-ray tomography. It is an important device in implant dentistry for diagnoses and treatment.

Intraoral imaging: It is a medical device which used in photography intraoral, that allows to take pictures closer and pointed to the teeth and jaws.

Repairing a chipped / broken teeth: It is the procedure of filling the remaining part of teeth to look like the original.

Dental caries: Caries also called tooth decay. It is the result of a number of reasons and factors combined together.

Gum disease: It is the accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity, which may result in losing tooth. It has impact on the rest of the organs due to the spread of germs, which may lead to infectious heart disease or rheumatic etc.

Temporomandibular joint disorders: It is severe or chronic inflammation of the TMJ, which connects the lower jaw to the skull. Disorder and diseases may lead to severe pain, and difficulty with chewing, talking or laughing.

Ludwig’s angina: It is the condition that occurs as a result of a bacterial infection in the mouth under the tongue, including the salivary glands. Infection often start from the rear molars and then spread.

Dental bridge: It is for replacing the loss of one tooth or more.
Dental bridge consists of two dental crowns which cover either side of the missing tooth, and false teeth which replace the
missing teeth. The dental bridge can be support by natural teeth or planted teeth.

Veneers: It is a ceramic thin layer which give the size of the teeth for blocking any small gaps. It improves the aesthetics of a tooth, and protect teeth surface.

Dental crowns: They create a protective structure to keep the damaged teeth as a result of the crack / break in the structure of the tooth, or teeth that have undergone for multiple treatments to rebuild.

Root canals: It is a medical procedure to treat inflammation of the tooth.

Endodontics: It is the dental cavity fillings to repair damaged teeth, as a result of the gradual erosion of the layers of the external teeth enamel and ivory.

Orthodontics: It is one of dentistry specialties, study and treat the malocclusions.

Pediatric dentistry:It deals with infant, children, and young
adults’ dentistry diseases and disorders.

Dental implant: It is for replacing the lost tooth using artificial roots of pure titanium metal. Dental implants are considered the most stable alternative and most closely resembles to the
natural teeth. Patients can speak in absolute comfort and confidence and eat and chew food, with a natural form.

Whitening: It is a cosmetic procedure to lighten the color of teeth using special materials to remove stains and dyes on the surface of teeth.

Invisalign: It is a medical equipment used in orthodontics, to replace the traditional wire braces. It is removable and comfortable.

Lingual orthodonthics: It is a medical equipment in orthodontics. The equipment is attached in interior surface of the teeth to be invisible.

Laser dental treatments: it is the use of laser in dentistry treatment to replace the traditional drill, dental filling, biopsy, teeth whitening and root canal. It has quick recovering time, accurate and precise results.

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