Oncology (Medical & Surgical)

We are here to support you in your travel back to your health.

We make sure that you find the best possible cancer treatment in our member hospitals and clinics within a warm and caring environment for all cancer types (breast cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, lymphoma and etc).

We very well know that you and your relatives needs special attention for such difficult times.
Therefore we welcome and host you like a family member.

We provide FREE online support for all your questions prior to your medical travel.
You will have answers for all your questions prior to your travel. We share your medical information and medical reports with the relevant hospitals and clinics to provide you with an estimated cost and a primary treatment plan.

We will provide all necessary concierge services for you, together with our professional solution partners. We make sure that all your transportation (from/to airport, hotel, hospital), accommodation needs are met.

Our international patients prefer to be treated in our member hospitals for the following types of cancers:

– Lung Cancer
– Breast Cancer
– Skin Cancer
– Throat Cancer
– Prostate Cancer
– Liver Cancer
– Colon and Rectal Cancer
– Stomach Cancer
– Pancreatic Cancer
– Uterus Cancer
– Cervical Cancer
– Thyroid Cancer
– Pediatric Oncology
– Brain Tumor
– Bone Tumors
– Lymphoma

The following technological devices are used in our member hospitals and clinics for our international cancer patients.

– MRI Scanning
– Gamma Knife
– Cyber Knife
– Da Vinci
– True beam STx Device
– Rapidarc
– Brachytherapy

It is a medical treatment by taking healthy bone marrow from a donor or from the same patient before his/her treatment with excessive chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, and transplanted in the blood.

Type of transplant:

  • Allogeneic transplant: Harvesting blood cells from relative donor
  • Autologous transplant: Harvesting blood cells from the same patient
  • Syngeneic transplant: Harvesting blood cells from identical twins
  • Umbilical-Cord blood: Harvesting blood cells from placenta and umbilical cord
– Multiple myeloma
– lymphoma syndrome
– Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
– Chronic myeloid leukemia
– Myeloproliferative neoplasm leukemia
– Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
– Hodgkin’s lymphoma
– Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
– Phagocytosis disease
– Thalassemia
– Diseases of the immune system.
– Testicle cancer
– Ovarian cancer
– Lung X-ray
– Hemapheresis laboratory
– Stem cell processing laboratory
– HLA typing laboratory
– Cryopreservation
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