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CT / CAT Scanning :
Computerized Tomography is the scanning that give detailed anatomical information about organs and tissues of human body.

MRI Scanning :
Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a radiology technique that uses radio waves, magnetism and a computer to provide clear body structure images hat can detect smallest change in the body.

Blood Test :
It is a set of tests conducted by taking a sample of the blood from human body, put it in a test tube, and then make precise tests in the laboratory. The goal of the blood test is to measure the levels of various substances in the blood.

Biopsy :
A medical procedure in which cells or tissue taken as sample for analysis or examination in the laboratory. Such procedure done in case of tissues abnormality of to help to address what this abnormality is.

Cystography :
Examination of the bladder by X-ray, enter material shady, either through a cystoscopy, or urethral catheterization, and is usually used sodium iodide

Ultrasound :
It is an imaging device that uses sound waves to look at structure and organs inside the human body.

X-rays :
They are an electromagnetic radiation waves that create images inside the human body in different shades of black and white.

It is the tumor in one or more of this organs:
– Cancer of Prostate
– Cancer Of Kidney
– Cancer of Adrenal Glands
– Cancer of Urinary Bladder
– Cancer of Testicles
– Cancer of Penis

Andrology :
It is a particular for male medical specialty, which deals with male urological, and productivity system diseases, and disorders.

Pediatric Urology :
It is a medical specialty that deals with infant, children, and young adults urological diseases and disorders.

Neuro-urology :
It is when neuro-disorder affect the urological system functionality.

Urological Injuries :
It is the trauma treatment of urological system.

Urogynecology :
It is a new subspecialty of female pelvic disorder that involves with female diagnoses and treatments of urological system disorders.

Nephritis :
It is an infection caused by the transmission of bacteria to the kidneys through the blood or genital tract which may cause inflammation of the kidneys affecting renal glomeruli. The most important symptoms associated with this case are high fever, severe headache with vomiting, severe back pain, difficulty in urination and sometimes blood or albumin in the urine, and these symptoms may appear together or separately.

Kidney Stone :
It is the mineral material crystallized inside the kidney. It often starts with small size at the beginning. However over the time and the continuation of the circumstances that led to the emergency the size increases.

Cystitis :
It is a case of irritation and swelling of the urinary bladder. It is a result of infection of bacterial infection in most cases.

Urethritis :
The result of condition occurs swelling and irritation in the urethra as a result of a viral infection or a bacterial

Prostatitis :
It is an inflammation of the prostate gland due to injury or infection.

Orchitis :
It is an inflammation of the testicles in one or both testicles in men, usually the inflammation caused by a bacterial infection.

Renal Failure :
It is when the kidney fail to sufficiently filter the blood waste products.

Diuresis :
It is the urinating frequently or larger amount than usual

Haematuria :
It is a state of the presence of red blood cells in the urine.

Urinary Incontinence :
It is when to lose the control of urinary excretion. The incontinence may occur when coughing, laughing, sneezing or exercising.

Renal Artery Occlusion :
It is a disorder resulting from the narrowing of the nutrient artery of one or both kidneys.

Laparoscopy :
It is a surgical technique that fall under the group of surgical techniques for limited penetration of the human body (endoscope) which aims for diagnosis and treatment at the same time. It results with quick recovery time, less scar and less pain.

Robotic Surgery / Da Vinci :
It is one of the most advanced surgical technology. The integration between the high definition 3D vision system with wristed instrument in intuitive motion control.

Shock Wave Lithotripsy :
It is a noninvasive surgery to remove kidney stones. It hasfour components: imaging unit, shockwave generator, coupling mechanism and focusing

Laser Surgery :
It is a laser technology to break the kidney stone into smaller pieces that can be extracted by the same device tube or by normal urine flow.

Dialysis :
It is a procedures for renal failure disease by pumping the blood from the body through the tubes that connected
to the blood purification machine, which is consists of a liquid diaphragms which run the blood through them to come out
clean on the other side free of poison, to be returned back to the body. This process must repeated three times a week per patient

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