Medipol University

The Medipol Mega Hospital is a university hospital with a very large complex, connected buildings located in Istanbul Turkey.It has a special landscape arhitectural design with helicopter zone and 5-floor underground car parking lot.The hospital compound consists of 4 connected hospital …

Liv Hospital

Liv Hospital

Liv Hospital is growing with patient’s values as combining guess-oriented approach with experienced physician staff and multidisciplinary work, intends to be the leader of reliable and quality health care. Our main purpose as Liv Hospital is “your health”, including to use advanced …

Medicana Hospital

Medicana Hospital

Among pioneers of private hospital business in Turkey, Medicana Health Group sustains the progression on the way to determine standards of future healthcare services, thanks to the growth strategy aiming to involve all regions of Turkey as well as constant investments and advances made to reinforce our strategy.

Güven Hospital

Guven Hospital

Ankara Güven Hospital was established in 1974 to provide world-class healthcare services and continue to serve its patients by combining the requirements of modern medicine with many years of experience. The high quality of services provided in every field increases the demand and number of patients, and the high level …

Ekol Hospital

Ekol Hospital

Ekol Hospitals Group is providing healthcare services in major medical and surgical disciplines, such as ENT Surgery, General Surgery, Plastic& Cosmetic Surgery, Eye surgery and Dental Treatment.Ekol Hospitals Group is established in year 1995. Ekol ENT Hospital is the first and the biggest ENT Hospital in Turkey and …

Group Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale Hospital

Group Florence Nightingale, based in Istanbul, Turkey, is a group of hospitals that offers patient-centered and specialized healthcare by integrating education, research and technology with clinical care.Today, with 4 general hospitals …

Avcılar Hospital

Avcılar Hospital

Patients around the world have been traveling to a variety of destinations around the world to find high quality treatment at low cost.Their need to travel abroad for care is in most cases influenced by the lack of access to quality healthcare and long waitlist in their home country …

Jinemed Hospital

Jinemed Hospital

Jinemed Medical Center has been founded in 1989 , by Prof. Dr. Teksen CAMLIBEL, as a private clinic, specializing in Obstetrics & Gynecology. The name “Jinemed “is the combination of the words “jinekoloji” (gynecology in Turkish) and “medical”. Since its start up …

Hisar Hospital

Hisar Hospital

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital based in İstanbul, is one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive private hospitals, with offers highest quality diagnosis and treatment in the most comfortable, safe and patient-oriented


Estetik International

Esthetic Hospital

When you enter this door you will be greeted with a different understanding and a different clinic. You will see details with scientific mission, the privilege of technological hardware, comfortable decoration and experience the warmth and interest of our people.