Disabled Travel

We are living in a very modern world with highly technological devices and services however the disabled persons human rights were not yet sufficiently respected. It is so unfortunate that disabled people’s needs are not fully met.

We need to pay special attention to their needs to raise quality of their lives. Therefore we focus the heath travel needs of people with disabilities.

Amenities provided for disabled travelers in Turkey are very rich now. Many hotels and resorts have been updating their facilities, buildings and services to accommodate people with disabilities. They have adapted rooms built wheelchair ramps.

Almost all airports in big cities of Turkey like Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya Izmir etc have also installed facilities and services for disabled travelers.

We have special tour packages for our disabled guests. We have special agreements and incredible discounts at hotels which have facilities for disabled travelers.

We make sure that our teams provide transportation services with special adapted vehicles via our partner agencies. They are specifically built for wheelchair users and they include ramps and large seats for the comfort of our disabled and elderly travelers.

You can book private tours or join our group tours. We provide wide range of services from economic tours to extra exclusive luxurious services for people with all scales of economies.

We have exclusive tours for VIP guests and economy classes for budget travelers.

Booking an online consultation is a great way to find out more about your needs.
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